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Young Man with Checkerd Shirt

Constantine Louloudis

Young Man with Glasses

Matthew Pinsent

Man with Green Shirt

Ed Coode

Woman with White Shirt

David Bewicke-Copley

The Eton Vikings - Old Etonian rowers​

Man with Blue Sweater

Felix Drinkall

Young Man Smiling in the Office

Andrew Lindsay

Woman with Long Hair

Will Geffen

Vikings News

14/03/19 - Three Vikings selected to represent OUBC in the 165th Boat Race. Charlie Pearson (College, 2017), Benedict Aldous (MJP, 2009) and Felix Drinkall (TEWH, 2017) will race on 7th April. Charlie Turston (GRP, 2014) will represent Isis BC against Goldie BC on the same day.

11/12/18 - CUBC trial VIII's have 1 Viking trialling - Lancelot: Theo Weinberger (College, 2016)

7/12/18 - OUBC trial VIII's have 3 Vikings trialling -  Reggie: Charlie Pearson (College, 2017)  Flea: Benedict Aldous (MJP, 2009), Charlie Thurston (GRP, 2014). Flea win by 1 and 2/3 lengths.

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