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Junior Colts training and Eton Invitational Head

At the start of this term the boat club gained around 50 new members thanks to Junior Colts. In the two weeks leading up to Eton Invitational Head they consistently put out 6 eights, all six of which raced on the 20th. The progress made in these 2 weeks was remarkable, for some to have never been in a boat at the start of the term and be racing after two weeks is quite an achievement. At Eton Invitational Head they were put up against crews who had been training for a year rather than two weeks, but they gave a very good showing, with one crew placing 8th out of 18. Under the watchful eye of Mr Anderson and the other coaches they made very good progress, and it will only get better. It will be extremely interesting to see how they compare with other schools at the end of this term.

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