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Hampton Head

On 3rd February six eights from the Eton College Boat Club participated in the Hampton Head Race. The crews, split equally between Upper Boats and Colts, braved the atrocious weather as the race went ahead, with some crews claiming great success.

The boat stroked by Max Ridgwell came top of the J18 eights event with another crew stroked by Kian Power following to claim the fourth place six seconds behind. The Colts performance, although not as outstanding was still impressive with the crews claiming tenth, thirteenth and sixteenth places, as they participated in their second competition of the half.

After the race the rain turned everything into mud, which made de-rigging somewhat difficult. On the bright side, the sausage rolls and the chocolate bars brought in by the parents certainly improved the situation. We would like to thank the boatmen for their immense help in caring for the boats and transporting them, as well as the coaches for their constant work.

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