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GB Trials: Early Success

At the end of February Half term 5 ECBC athletes sacrificed their weekend to partake in the first segment of GB trials: 2 5km races on Saturday and Sunday. Some of the results were the best Eton had seen in years - only one finished out of the top 10 on both days. They were as follows:


1st. Henry Pearson, James Watson-Gandy

5th. Will Burges Watson, Henry Pooley

8th. Simon Nunayon, [Westminster]


1st. Henry Pearson, [Abingdon]

3rd. James Watson-Gandy, [Monmouth]

5th. Simon Nunayon, Henry Pooley

16th. Will Burgess Watson, [Westminster]

Our Captain set the bar as high as it could go with 2 consecutive victories, and his pairs partner (Watson-Gandy) did amazingly well as a C Blocker and a former sculler. Credible performances by Burges Watson, Pooley and Nunayon (Stroke, 7 and 4 of the VIII) qualified them for the Spring assessments later this half.


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