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Millfield Camp

To start off half term, 38 members of Upper Boats set out to Millfield school for a week of indoor training. Unlike a typical rowing, the focus was on land training as well as making the whole squad into a closer unit. To achieve this meant making full use of Millfield's excellent facilities including a full athletics track, pool and gym. Throughout the week, the resilience and endurance of every athlete was tested both on the rowing machine as well as in the weight cages, not to mention the torturous running interval training that followed. The session spent afterwards in the pool was much-needed to sooth sore muscles.

The highlight of the camp lay on the final day: hiking along Cheddar Gorge. Despite being slightly unlucky with the weather, the expedition remained a success (particularly for the cheese connoisseurs!).

Thank you to MPFH, GRP, RGE, and Mr. Cross for making such an effort!


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